Indoor, 2x2:2 MIMO access radio, up to 866 Mbps

  • Enterprise-grade MIMO 802.11ac Wave 1 dual-radio access point supporting two spatial streams, up to 80 MHz Channel width support, and fully featured using 802.3af (PoE) power

  • Low cost, high performance for most standard Wi-Fi needs

  • Designed for networks supporting smartphones and tablets that need basic internet access

  • Ideal for branch offices and smaller-footprint stores

Key Specifications

• Up to 300 Mbps for 2.4 GHz radio

• Up to 866 Mbps for 5 GHz radio

• 802.11ac Wave 1 support

• 2x2 MIMO with two spatial streamsper radio

• Four integrated omnidirectionalantennas

• 20/40/80 MHz channel widthsupport

• 1x Gigabit Ethernet port

• Full operational capacity with802.3af PoE or DC power

• Horizontal (ceiling) or vertical (wall)mounting support

Low Cost, High Performance

The Mojo C-65 is an enterprisegrade2x2 MIMO 802.11ac access point withdual concurrent 5 GHz and 2.4 GHzband radios supporting 802.11a/n/ac,802.11b/g/n, two spatial streams, anddata rates of up to 866 Mbps and300 Mbps, respectively.

Why Choose the C-65?

The C-65 delivers enterprise-gradefunctionality to environments thatrequire standard network and Internetaccess. It is built for networks designedfor heavy smartphone and tablet accesslike guest or public WiFi, or smaller-footprint locations that support limiteddevices. Common deployment scenariosinclude branch offices, stores and smallclassrooms.

The C-65 has one of the lowest costs ofany access point on the market todaythat delivers high-quality, enterprise-grade features and functionalityexpected by all organizations.

Mojo Cloud Managed WiFi

The C-65 is managed by the Mojo cloudmanaged platform which enables acomplete workflow for wireless access,security and engagement. It leveragesa purpose-built cloud architecture toproduce enterprise-grade wirelessnetworks for every application required,and ensures high reliability through anapproach that is automated, scalable,secure and cost effective.

Key Features

• 100% controller-free• Zero-touch deployment throughautomatic cloud activation andconfiguration

• Cloud-defined operating modes fordedicated access, dedicated securityor dual-mode

• Support for up to eight distinct SSIDsper radio

• Integrated firewall, traffic shaping, QoSand BYOD controls per SSID

• Dynamic RF optimization throughsmart steering, band steering andoptimal channel selection

• Automated device access logging

• No-WiFi VLAN monitoring for extendedrogue access point detection

• Third party analytics integration forreal-time data transfer

• Self-healing wireless mesh networking

What Really Matters

The future of WiFi requires intelligent,self-reliant access points that supporthigh-performing, highly reliable networkswithout the need of antiquated controllers.This approach removes the complexity,instability and high costs associated toenterprise WiFi today.


The C-65 supports WiFi networks thatrequire less time and resources to deployand maintain compared to traditionaldevices, resulting in significant costsavings.

• Mojo access points take less than twominutes to activate and configure afterconnecting to the cloud

• Support for up to eight individual SSID’sper radio allows for maximum flexibilityin network design

• Network controls like NAT, Firewall andQoS occur at the access point level,ensuring faster and more reliablenetworks

• Persistent scanning of all 802.11channels results in increased insight anddata about surrounding environmentalfactors that assist in RF optimization andclient handling

• Smart steering addresses sticky clientissues by automatically pushing clientswith low speeds to a closer access point

• Band steering manages channeloccupancy, pushing clients to the 5 GHzchannel for optimal throughput

• Access points continue to broadcastand support wireless networks evenif their connection with the cloud isinterrupted


The C-65 offers complete visibilityand control of the wireless airspacethat keeps the integrity of the networkin check and actively protects userswithout manual intervention.

• Every Mojo access point is equippedwith the industry’s only fully integratedwireless intrusion prevention capabilities

• Runs complete spectrum scans whilesimultaneously serving wireless clientswithout a third radio

• Mojo’s patented Marker PacketsTM areused to accurately detect access pointson any network with the fewest falsepositives in the industry

• Mojo access points can be converted toa dedicated security sensor with a singleclick for maximum wireless protection

• VLAN monitoring enables a virtualconnection to non-WiFi networks forcomplete network rogue detection andprevention

• Automatic prevention combinesover-the-wire and over-the-airtechniques to keep unauthorized clientsoff the network and authorized clientson it

• Access points continue to scan forwireless threats and enforce securitypolicy even if their connection with thecloud is interrupted


The C-65 collects massive amountsof data and supports immersive guestnetwork experiences that develops andreinforces the relationship between themand the brand.

• Persistent scanning of all 802.11 channelsresults in a comprehensive list of activewireless clients across the enterprise

• Choice statistics like location, duration,distance from access point and time ofday are stored locally for every activewireless client

• Choice statistics like session duration,total data transfer up and down, datarate, smart device type and top-leveldomain are stored locally for every activeconnection

• Real-time notifications sent to third partysystems that alert to the presence ofenrolled devices

• Enables proximity marketing programsthat trigger when certain devices arepresent

• Triggers automatic messaging via MMS,in-browser notifications and more

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