ExtremeWireless™ WiNG NX 7500Integrated Services Platform

Next-generation wireless services for midsize and campusenvironments.

Advanced Performance and One Point of Control for yourEntire Wireless LAN (WLAN)The NX 7500 brings the next generation in WLAN speed, security,reliability, and flexibility to the midsize enterprise, providing comprehensivemanagement and control of up to 2,048 network elements through a singlepane of glass. With the NX 7500, all network infrastructure is empoweredwith the intelligence to make the best routing decisions, so you getmaximum speed and throughput — the congestion and latency associatedwith routing traffic through a centralized controller is eliminated.

Maximum Flexibility Delivers Superior Cost-Efficiency andInvestment Protection

With the modular design of the NX 7500, you can purchase the features youneed today and add what you need tomorrow. As the number of users andapplication bandwidth requirements increase, upgrade to 10 Gigabit (10G)Ethernet, right in your facility. The fully-programmable multi-core networkprocessing engine makes it easy to add features that require in-line dataprocessing, without the typical limitations of hardware ASIC-based solutions.And the powerful control processor for management is accompanied by ahigh-throughput cryptographic engine for extreme security.

WiNG 5 for Superior WLAN Performance, Scalability, Reliability,and Quality of Service

The ExtremeWireless WiNG 5 architecture distributes intelligence to everypoint in your network — including the NX Integrated Services Platformportfolio and their connected access points. Now, the platforms as wellas access points are all capable of determining the best route for traffic,maintaining Quality of Service (QoS) and security policies. The result?Bottlenecks in traditional hub-and-spoke networks are eliminated. The NX7510 supports 1:1 failover for high availability, with no additional licensingfees for the redundant system.

Extreme Reliability

You can order your NX 7500 with a redundant power supply or add one atany time, right in your facility — no need to return the controller to a servicedepot. The 64 GB solid-state drive stores and protects firmware images andcritical data. RAID-1 capability and dual hot-swappable hard drives providethat extra peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe fromsingle hard drive failures.

Deliver best-in-class wireless performance, simplify network control, reduce network costs, andprovide your workers with more wireless services to increase business efficiency with the NX 7500


Powered by the Advanced WiNG 5Operating System

• WiNG 5 provides the advancedintelligence required to createthe “fully network-aware" WLAN,allowing every piece of infrastructurein your wireless network to worktogether to route every transmissionas efficiently as possible.


• Fast and easy zero-touchinstallation plus rule-based accesspoint adoption from all locationsautomates equipment discovery anddeployment.

Hierarchical Management

• Manage your entire WLAN througha single graphical user interface thatprovides a macro and micro view —simultaneously view all your branchlocations or drill down into any pieceof infrastructure anywhere in yournetwork, from access points that areadopted directly by the NX 7500 toNX 5500 and RFS 4000 branch-levelcontrollers and their adopted andstand-alone WiNG 5 access points.

Centralized Troubleshooting andNetwork Assurance

• Single pane of glass for remotetroubleshooting of the wired/wirelessnetwork that is distributed acrossmultiple locations with differentarchitectures; aggregated KPIsprovide a global network healthview while remote tools allowtroubleshooting of individual networkelements; tools include historicaltroubleshooting via detailedforensics.

Comprehensive Integrated NetworkSecurity Services

• Features include: a wired/wirelessfirewall, a built-in wireless intrusionprotection system (WIPS), anintegrated IPSec VPN gateway1,AAA Radius Server, and secure guestaccess with a captive web portal,MAC-based authentication, 802.11wto secure management frames,NAC support, anomaly analysis, andadvanced security services, such asrole-based firewall.

Smart RF

• Smart RF management mitigatesthe RF disruption caused by Wi-Fiand non-Wi-Fi interference, faultyantennas, dynamic dead spots, orneighboring access point failures byallowing the WLAN to automaticallyand intelligently adapt to changes inthe RF environment.

BYOD Support

• The WiNG 5 OS provides the devicefingerprinting, role-based policyenforcement, and analytics1 requiredto help manage and secure user-owned devices. For more info, pleasevisit wing.extremenetworks.com.

End-to-End Support Services

Services for Every Phase of YourWLAN Lifecycle

• Increase uptime and reduce riskand support costs with our optionalcomprehensive support serviceofferings — from planning andimplementation to post-deploymenteveryday support.

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